Stats pages are fixed!
As some of u saw the stats were fucked up, due some of the log-files was parsed too many times.


Yes!! Finally!
The stats pages are up and running, the crontab updates the pages every hour so if u done well u should see your stats there.


Changed maps!
mapcycle: cs_assault, cs_italy, cs_militia, cs_office, cs_siege, de_aztec, de_cbble, de_dust, de_prodigy, de_nuke, de_train.
Extra maps (vote only): cs_assault2k, cs_docks, cs_facility, de_fang, de_foption, de_vegas.

The stats page is soon ready!

Updated the server with more maps, the custom maps is located in the Files section area
The new ones are: cs_assault2k, cs_facility, cs_siege, de_cbble, de_fang, cs_docks
Some of the new maps are requested by (NC) Clan.

Playing around with LogAnal, looks pretty cool. The Templates need some editing but I have put up the first layout under Stats.
Slayer of the month -> -= ZtrobE =- (NC), hehe =P

CS.DAAB.SE is officially launched.
Maps are de_prodigy, de_dust, cs_office, cs_italy, cs_militia and de_train

The day was born....
This is the site you should go to when:
1. U need some custom CS maps that are used on CS.DAAB.SE
2. U want to know how good u are are compared to other players -> stats
3. U want to know the latest news!